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Airport transfers to and from Rome

The last part of getting from A to B

Trains and Coaches

Rome has two airports Fiumicino in the West and on the coast and Ciampino to the south. The former is connected to the city by train and the latter by coaches. The direct train to Termini Station called the “Leonardo Express” costs 14 Euro. The local train calling at all stations cycled around the old city walls costs 8 Euro. Both offer a good service and tickets can be bought online or at the station.

Coaches from Ciampino to Termini Station cost on average 4 Euro each way. However, if you walk out of the airport to the main gate there is a bus stop for a regular Cotral service bus, which costs 1 Euro and takes you to the end of the A metro line. Metro tickets in Rome cost 1 Euro too. You can buy both tickets in the arrivals lounge but the wait can be exasperating.

Limos and Taxis

The traffic in Rome can be brutal at rush hour and paying to sit in a taxi that is blocked in traffic is not much fun. However, in Rome the meter will not be running as all licensed cabs (white cars) have a fixed base airport transfer rate of 40 Euro for Fiumicino to the city and 30 euro for Ciampino both to and from the city. Some taxi drivers are not too forward in applying this rate but you should insist; they have to.

A popular choice of car for a taxi in Rome is the Fiat Multipla as it takes 5 passengers. You pay an extra Euro for the 5th seat but it is much cheaper than two cabs. If there are 5 of you just walk down the rank to the first Multipla say, "siamo in 5". (There are 5 of us). However, bear in mind the Multipla is not big on luggage space. The car is very distinctive it is wider than most hatchbacks but not longer.

If you would like a bit more luxury for an extra 10 – 20 Euro you can get a Mercedes limo. A nice looking guy will meet you with your name on a card as you exit Arrivals. Your hotel, tour guide or agent can arrange the limo but they usually add a bit on top.

Some recommendations

For licensed cabs the line is outside. Ignore canvassers.

Booking service

Ask your tour guide or your hotel to book you the transfer. Naturally, it costs marginal more but you get peace of mind as each party has a longer-term interest that things go smoothly.

The experience and costs

Below is a price guide as of January '11


Cotral bus plus metro - 2 Euro
Terravision direct Bus transfer- 4 Euro
Taxi – 30 Euro
Limo – 50 - 60 Euro
Minivan (up to 8 people) - 80 - 100 Euro


Local train – 8 Euro
Direct Termini train  - 14 Euro
Bus Shuttle direct to Vatican area – 8 Euro
Taxi – 40 Euro
Limo – 50 - 60 Euro
Minivan (up to 8 people) - 80 - 100 Euro


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