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Cinema in Rome

The cinema in Rome

The Rome Film Festival

Much to the displeasure of Venice, Rome inaugurated its own film festival in 2006 and the event has quickly become an important date in the cinema calendar. Rome’s glorious past in film production has greatly helped this rise to stardom. The Rome festival is centred around Auditorium Parco della Musica in the last week of October. Here the public can enjoy screenings in the complexes theatres and let loose in Cinema Village, which is all decked out in red carpet. Cinema Village makes the whole event a real party in the early autumn sun and is a great chance to spot VIPs. International movie and music stars who have received prizes include Bruce Springsteen, Meryl Streep, Al Pacino, Robert Redford and Tom Cruise. A special feature of prizes is that the jury is made up of ordinary film-goers of all ages. They establish who wins the Best Actor and Best Actress categories as well as the Best film – the “Premier Marco Aurelio”. This year the festival runs from 27 Oct to 4 Nov 2011.

Rome in the movies

Rome has featured widely in cinema both as Ancient Rome (Spartacus, Ben Hur, Gladiator, Cleopatra), post-war Rome (La dolce Vita, Vacanza Romana, I Soliti Ignoti) and in modern films (Angles and Demons, Oceans 12, Romanzo Ciminale). The centre of the city feels like one big film set and you will often see crews working for RAI (Italian state TV) on your wanderings. There is nothing better than whetting your appetite for a trip to Rome than watching Roman Holiday and nothing more symbolic of post-war Italy than seeing the statue of Jesus Christ flown by helicopter over an expanding capital in the opening of Fellini’s “The Sweet life”.

Some recommendations


Description: Art cinema in the trendy Trastevere district that sometimes has a film on in English, especially around the most important festivals like Cannes, Berlin or Venice.
Add: Via Cardinale Merry del Val 14, 00153 Rome. • Tel: +39065880099

Cinema Fiamma

Description: Classy multi-screen cinema near Piazza Barberini that often has a film in English on.
Add: Via di San Nicola da Tolentino 3, 00187 Rome. • Tel: +3906485526  

Cinema Greenwich

Description: Art-house cinema in the Testaccio district that puts on films in English when there is a suitable release.
Add: Via G.B. Bodoni 59, 00153 Rome. • Tel: +39065745825

Cinema Nuovo Olimpia

Description: The only cinema to always show English language films since the demise of the legendary Pasquino. They have two films on at any time and are right near Piazza del Popolo.
Add: Via in Lucina 16/g, 00186 Rome. • Tel: +39066861068

Nouvo Sacher

Description: Art-house cinema with a nice cafe and, as you would expect, great cake. Owned by Italian film director Nanni Moretti and located in Trastevere.
Add: Largo Ascianghi 1, 00153 Rome. • Tel: +39065818116

Warner Moderno multisala

Description: A historically important cinema that was saved from degradation and renovated to the standards of the American multinational. They occasional have a film in original language film (Versione Origionale – V.O).
Add: Piazza della Repubblica 44, 00185 Rome. • Tel: +39892111

The costs and the experience

A trip to the flicks in English will cost you 7.50 Euro. On Wednesdays most places have a cheap ticket day when they knock off a couple of euro.

Tip - Guided tours for film buffs  Cool

If you are a film buff or a just looking for a fun itinerary then going on a film themed guided tour in English is just the ticket. Several operators have an “Angles and Demons” tour and a “Roman holiday” tour. Naturally the later is best done on a scooter with a handsome man.


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