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Classical music in Rome

Classical music in Rome

Classical concerts in Churches

The acoustics in churches make them a perfect venue for chamber music and there is no shortage of churches in Rome. However, when a church hosts almost as many concerts as it does services, you know times are hard – but do not be cynical. Historic buildings, like churches, are extremely expensive to maintain and a reformation in fund raising techniques takes courage. Ironically, in the home of Catholicism it is the protestant churches that have lead the way and ticket sales for church based concerts are now efficiently organised through online agents.

Places to take into consideration

Ponte Sant'Angelo Church

Ponte Sant'Angelo Church is on the Tiber facing Castello St. Angelo, which is musically famed as being the place where Tosca suicides. Very centrally located, Ponte Sant'Angelo puts on a programme of three concerts a week for piano, cello and violin leads. Tickets are 17 Euro face value and are available on line.

Add: Via del Banco di Santo Spirito 3, 00186 Rome.
Web: www.classictic.com • Tel: N/A

Chiesa di S. Paolo entro le Mura / St. Paul’s within the Walls

Located at the top of via Nationale, the Church of St Paul’s within the Walls has been running a programme of mainly opera for the tourist market for over 10 years. Once a week they take a break from “la musica lyrica” and offer an evening of Venetian masterpieces with vocal soloists. Tickets can be bought in cash on the door with a reservation by phone or on line. Face value prices are 25 – 35 Euro.

Add: Via Napoli 58, 00184 Rome.
Web: www.classictic.com • Tel: +39 064 826 296

Classic music and art

A carefully crafted programme of concerts for visitors to Rome is offered by Roma Opera Omnia. The initiative combines guided tours of some of the most stunning architectural masterpieces of Baroque Rome to then enjoy music from the same era within them. Music is performed by the Schola Romana Ensemble using period instruments, such as the lute. The repertoire includes works by Gerolamo Frescobaldi, Giacomo Carissimi and  Giulio Caccini. Tickets at face value are 27 Euro and all concerts are early evening or daytime performances. You can book on line or take your chances and turn up on the door.

Music in Bernini’s Rome • Add: Sant’Agnese in Agone, Piazza Navona

Sounds and Visions of Caravaggio • Add: Galleria Doria Pamphilj, Via del Corso 305

The Triumph of Music and Art in the Papal Rome • Add: San Luigi dei Francesi Church, Pz S. Luigi dei Francesi

Music and Myth in Raphael’s Frescoes • Add: Villa Farnesina, Via della Lungara 230

Mystery and legend in art and music from Papal Rome •  Add: S. Maria del Popolo Church, Piazza del Popolo

Web: www.romaoperaomnia.com • Tel: +39 388 197 5179

Classical music in concert halls

A city as culturally important as Rome naturally has a prestigious music academy and orchestra. However the Academy di Santa Cecilia is not alone in offering full pieces of symphonic and chamber music.

Places to take into consideration

Academy di Santa Cecilia

Programme: Chamber and symphonic music by internationally acclaimed soloists and conductors performed all year. Tickets are priced from 18 to 47 Euro face value and anyone under 30 gets a 25% discount. Book online, on the phone or go to the box office in person.
Add: Auditorium Parco della Musica, Largo Luciano Berio 3, 00196 Rome
Tel: +39 068 082 058 •  Web: www.santacecilia.it

Auditorium Conciliazione di Roma

Programme: Symphonic music every Sunday Afternoon and Monday evening with tickets costing 20 Euro full price. Book online, on the phone or go to the box office in person.
Add: Via della Conciliazione 4, 00193 Rome
Tel: +39 0668 4391 • Web: www.auditoriumconciliazione.it

Teatro Nazionale

Programme: Teatro Nazionale is under the management of Teatro della Opera, the home of opera and ballet in Rome. Every Sunday from January to May and October to December they have an “aperitivo concert” at 11 AM. Tickets are only 10 Euro and can be bought on the door.
Add: Via del Viminale, 51
Tel: +390 648 1601 • Web: www.operaroma.it

Other Concert Halls

Centro Congressi Frentani, Sala Baldini and Villa Farnesina also have occasional concerts especially around holiday times.

Classical music at national academies

Free classical music not necessarily envisaged for tourists is played at several national academies around the city centre. You are best checking the expat press or websites.


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