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Cocktails in Rome

A great way to prepare for dinner or scoff one

A drink with a view

Rome is a city of hills and on top of most of them is a great place, usually a hotel or monument, where you can enjoy a cocktail, bottle of wine or glass of Champagne. Hotels are not shy about charging for this service and work well if you have an event, whilst in summer a few panoramic spots are decked out for a wonderful romantic start to your evening. Else, if you are on a tighter budget, you can always buy a few beers to go, find a bench on the Gianicolense and watch the sun down. If you don’t want to climb any steps there are plenty of great places in the most beautiful squares.

Cheap dinners

Aperativo is a fairly recent habit in Rome and places offering it have learnt the formula from Milan, where your end of day drink is an important time to do business and be seen. Here in Rome it’s less about networking and more about enjoying open-air living. There is a big singles scene in Rome, helped by the fact there are no social qualms about being unmarried and 40. Who wants to cook, eat and wash up alone when you can have a glass of prosecco, finger food and first courses for eight quid? A tourist in the midst of the locals adds to the spice of events especially if you have done 3-4 days straight of couscous and carrot stick dinners.

Some recommendations

Hotel Forum 

Crowd: Romantics •  Area: Via Tor de' Conti, 25-30 (Colosseum) • www.hotelforumrome.com     

Salotto 42 

Crowd: Trendy • Area: Piazza di Pietra, 42 (Pantheon) • www.salotto42.it


Crowd: Trendy • Area: Largo M.D. Fumasoni Biondi, 5 (Trastevere)   

Oppio Caffe 

Crowd: Trendy • Area: (Colosseum) • www.oppiocaffe.it

Fontano ne estate

(open summer only) Crowd: Classy • Area: Via Garibaldi,35 (Monteverde)

La Bottega del caffe 

Crowd: Classy • Area: Pz. Madonna dei Monti, 5 (Monti)

Caffe della Pace

Crowd: Classy • Area: Via della Pace ,3 (Pz. Navona) • www.caffedellapace.it 


Crowd: Classy • Area: Piazza Trilusso, 41 (Trastevere) • www.enotecaferrara.it

The experience and costs

A cocktail and the buffet will cost you 8 Euro upwards. A cocktail in a famous piazza will cost 8 Euro too but food might be extra. Hotels package the aperativo thing up in a more complete bundle and you should budget for 20 euro plus per person unless you are staying at the hotel. Have a look at the 5 star hotels and 4 star hotels sections for greater information on roof terraces.

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