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Cooking Lessons in Rome

“I’ve booked us a table at the best place in town… my place”

An amateur or pro in the kitchen

There is money in food so, unsurprisingly, there is money in cooking classes and related professions. A year-long Masters in Food and Beverage Management at Italy’s top private university the Bocconi in Milan will set you back a cool 29,000 Euro but it’s worth every cent. Watching recipe films made by professional chefs will cost you nothing.

An afternoon of fun cooking and eating costs 50 euro upwards in a group. If you really want to impress your friends then you need at least a week to learn the basics of Italian cooking. Prices are 1000 Euro upwards and you are best going into the countryside around Rome to get a feel for the good life and honest home cooking. Changed your mind? Have a look at our fashionable restaurant page to meet some of the big names in Rome’s food scene.

Some recommendations

Bocconi University

Professional - 1 year course. www.sdabocconi.it/mfb

Cooking Classes in Rome

A fun half day of cooking and eating. www.cookingclassesinrome.com


An amateur 1 week cooking course in a social environment. www.conviviorome.com

Make friends with the wines of Italy

Italy is the world’s biggest producer of wine. Not all of it is good, but all of it is drinkable. Wine knowledge is a great skill as, for starters, it allows you to pick out value-for-money labels from the restaurant menu. With some basic knowledge of grape variety attributes and determining factors you can laterally apply your knowledge to wines from other countries.Attending an event, as courses are non-intensive for obvious reasons, costs 50 Euro upwards. A more relaxed way to enjoy the liquid of the gods, and one which does not require you to spit it out after swilling, is to go on a vineyard tour. When buying wine, you had best check on importing laws and logistics.

Some recommendations 

Wine Academy of Rome

Events organised for enthusiast. www.wineacademyroma.com

Vino Roma

Fun tasting session. www.vinoroma.com

Whisky, wine & words

Fun events, ex pats. www.whiskywineandwords.com


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