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Jazz and blues in Rome

Jazz and Blues in Roma

Jazz festivals

The heart of jazz in Italy is Umbria. The region, which is only 1 hour north of Rome, has held the Umbria Jazz Festival every July for almost 40 years. Recent years have seen all the biggest names in international jazz and blues perform from BB King to Carlos Santana. A day tip to Umbria is already a good idea but in July it a must for jazz lovers. Rome also has its own Jazz festivals. Every year as part of the Estate Romana programme there are shows on all summer at Villa Celimontana. The park is right in the heart of ancient Roma and is a perfect place to enjoy the warm summer evenings. At Auditorium Parco della Musica is Roma Jazz Festival, which has a focus on the Italian contribution to the roots of Jazz music. The festival is one of the biggest jazz events in the world and draws international artists to the city each November.

Roma Jazz Festival

When: November • Add: Viale Pietro de Coubertin 30, 00196 Rome • Web: www.auditorium.com

Villa Celimontana Jazz Festival

When: July - August • Add: Via della Navicella 12, 00184 Rome • Web: www.villacelimontanajazz.com

Umbria Jazz Festival

When: July • Add: Arena Santa Giulana in Perugia • Web: www.umbriajazz.com

Jazz and Blues clubs

The Italian capital has a vibrant jazz and blues scene all year long with several clubs hosting big gigs. Alexander Platz leads the way for jazz and is in fact the oldest jazz club in the capital and the driving force behind the Villa Celimontana Jazz Festival. Casa de Jazz is a more recent arrival but with the involvement of local government has quickly attracted prestigious artists to its very cool and comfortable structure. The world class venue Parco della Musica is promoting emerging Italian talent with its “GEZZ” programme. However, do not overlook the smaller clubs that perhaps much better capture the humble origins of the music from New Orleans. Check out club websites to see what sort of crowd frequents each club and what is on offer in terms of food and drinks. If the club has restaurant facilities is it a good sign that you ladies can wear your peals and feel at home. Clubs offering blues concerts, very often run them as part of pop and rock programmes and consequently attract a younger beer drinking clientele. See our rock and pop music page for details if that is your scene.

Some recommendations

Alexander Platz Jazz Club

Add: Via Ostia 9, 00192 Rome • Tel: +390639742171 • Web: www.alexanderplatz.it

Casa de Jazz

Add: Viale Porta Ardeatina 55, 00154 Rome • Tel: +3906704731 • Web: www.casajazz.it


Add: Via Gregoriana 54, 00187 Rome • Tel: +39066796386 • Web: www.gregorysjazz.com

BeBob Jazz Club

Add: Via Giuseppe Giulietti 14, 00154 Rome • Tel: +393471771710 • Web: www.bebopjazzclub.it

Cotton Club Roma

Add: Via Bellinzona 2, 00198 Rome • Tel: +390697615246 • Web: www.cottonclubroma.it

La Palma Club

Add: Via Giuseppe Mirri 35, 00159 Rome • Tel: +39065275019 • Web: www.lapalmaclub.it


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