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Driving to Rome

All roads lead to Rome but some are faster

Driving to Rome

There are 5 main roads into the city: the A1 motorway (Autostrada), which runs the length of the country, has 3 exits off it as it passes the city called Roma Nord, Roma Est and Roma Sud, respectively. To the southwest is the SS148 (Strade Statale) otherwise called the Pontina. The last main road is the Aurelia SS1, which comes in from the West and, in the greater part, is a free and fast road. All motorways in Italy, denoted by an “A” or and “E”, are toll roads until you enter into the city’s ring road called the GRA.

On entering the Autostrada (motorway) system, you take an automatically generated ticket. On exiting you pay either in cash (always the longest line) or by card, the machines accept Visa and MasterCard.

Parking in Rome

Parking in Rome without prior planning is challenging to say the least. Parking places are indicated with blue road markings. Check the sign near the meter for the times when parking is free. Do not park in handicapped parking places or in front of “passo carrabile” (exit), as your car will be towed.

Romans have no qualms about bumper to bumper contact when parking so if you have excess on your hire car insurance or value your car’s pristine finish do not park on the street. There are a number of secure public car parks around town. See below for a list. Central hotels have deals with private car parks and hotels outside the old city walls often have free parking for guests.

Where to park securely

ParkSì - Viale del Galoppatoio, 33 near Villa Borghese
Terminal Park -  Via Marsala 30/32 at Termini Station
Piazzale Partigiani - Piazzale dei Partigiani near Termini Station
Parking Ludovisi - Via Ludovisi, 60 near Via Veneto Piazza
Autosilo Via Mantova - Via Mantova, 24 near Fiume Vatican
Terminal Gianicolo - Via Urbano VIII16/C near Trastevere

The experience and costs

For Autostrade tolls go to www.autostrade.it/autostrade/percorso.do. A thumb rule is 6 cents per KM/ 10 cents per Mile. On street parking costs 1 Euro pH and you pay at the meters on the streets. Secure parking rates range from 14 - 30 Euro per day and a little over 100 euro for the week. There are still a few self-appointed parking attendants around town; you are under no obligation to give them anything.


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