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The low cost revolution

The arrival and subsequent domination of short-haul routes by the so-called low cost airlines has been a revolution in the skies across Europe. Now, tickets do start very low cost; they are virtually given away. However to take advantage of bargain prices and to avoid any unpleasant extras you need to follow a few rules. (Please see below.)

One advantage of low cost that is beyond question has been the opening up of direct routes between once off–the-beaten-track destinations but do check to see how far the airport is actually from the place you want to visit and if the transfer has been made easy. Click here for the page on airport transfers in Rome.

Flying - the lite version

1) Book as early as possible. Tickets go on sale 9-12 months before.
2) If you can, travel midweek.
3) Travel hand luggage only as low cost charge extra for checked in bags.
4) Never exceed the baggage weight restrictions, which are usually 15kg for checked and 10kg for carry on.
5) Remember the liquids restriction for your carry on.
6) Check out the ease and cost of the transfer into town.

Where to book (a selection in alphabetic order)

www.easyjet.com, Over 50 destinations
www.germanwings.com, Over 20 destinations
www.lastminute.com, All destinations
www.oneworld.com, Destinations connected directly to Rome
www.ryanair.com, Over 50 destinations
www.skyscanner.com All destinations
www.skyteam.com, All destinations
www.wizzair.com, Over 10 destinations (central Europe)

The experience and costs

Any European flight less than 100 Euro return all in is a deal. If the “low cost” ticket for a hub to hub route like Rome – Paris is more than 120 Euro return, check out the traditional airlines like the ones in the One World or Sky Team consortiums. A one-stop solution to getting the best deal is to use a price comparison site like Skyscanner or Last Minute.


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