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Food and wine shopping in Rome

"Food, food glorious food nothing quite like it."

What and Where

Lazio region is not as rich in gastronomic extravagance as Tuscany or Piedmont, but Italy is Italy and it's simply impossible to come back home from Rome without a bottle of good wine and some local delicacies. In the Roman suburbs, mainly in Castelli Romani area you can find some good wineries such as Fontana Candida, Casale del Giglio, Castel de Paolis, Casale Cento Cervi and others. They mainly produce white wine, the most famous being Frascati.

Among a great variety of Roman gastronomic specialities you should definitely taste coppiette (slices of meat dried with spices), salsiccia di Monte San Biagio (dry sausages with coriander), porchetta (pork cold cut cooked in a wood burning oven), Gaeta olives and, above all, olive oil from Sabina, an area in Lazio that produces one of Italy’s best olive oils.

Import Regulations

We suggest consulting your country’s legislation before buying; there might be some restrictions on importing food and alcoholic beverages, especially meat products. However, there are no special limitations on importing such goods within the EU, as long as the quantities are reasonable and they are for personal use. The best way to transport food purchases is in vacuum packs, as the main fear is not the food but what might have got onto it.

Some recommendations

Gastronomia Volpetti - Via Marmorata, 47 (Vatican)
La Tradizione - Via Cipro, 8 (Testaccio)
De Carolis - Via Fulcieri Paulucci De Calboli 40 (Prati)
Enoteca Costantini - Piazza Cavour, 16 (Prati)
Buccone - Via di Ripetta, 19 (Centre)
Forno Roscioli - Via dei Giubbonari, 21 (Centre)

Tip - go to local markets Cool

You can easily find typical Lazio products in one of the central food markets, such as Mercato Rionale in via Cola di Rienzo, or in shops, specialised in gastronomy. Simply avoid supermarkets if you are a real gourmet. The Roman Castles deserves a special visit, so if you have some time book a tour in one of the Lazio wineries and spend a wonderful day tasting lovely local wine and food. Ask a tour guide for more information to avoid going on an "industrial" tour.


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