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If you want to get the most out of your time in Rome, there are not better way to see the Eternal City than with an English speaking tour guide. They know all the tricks of the trade, like avoiding the lines and those who try to profiteer from the city’s guests. A guide will bring sense to sites that have weathered 2000 years of change, point out the details that are so easily missed and tell you all the stories and myths surrounding them. Click here for profiles on all the guides.  Read here how to book a tour.

All tours are for a maximum of 6 people and prices are fixed independently of numbers. Tickets, as a variable cost, are priced separately. 

Rome - see all the main sites

pantheonIn 6 hours you’ll see all the most famous piazzas, fountains and monuments in Rome. The Spanish Steps, Trevi fountain, the Pantheon , Piazza Navona , the Forums and the Colosseum .  Included is a free after sales service - editing your photos in all these famous places. See more tour details>>

Price: 370 Euro Plus Tickets Duration: 6h Activity level: Medium

Rome in day – It can be done!

san_pietro_2With careful planning Rome and the Vatican can be seen in a day. We waste no time in lines or long transfers. Now, this is not a race over the 7 hills and you will have time for Italian treats like gelato and expresso in between the Pantheon , Colosseum and Sistine Chapel ..  See more tour details>>

Price: 600 Euro Plus Tickets Duration: 12h Activity level: Medium

The Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Cathedral – A half day at the Vatican

Maps_in_Vatican The Sistine Chapel is within the Vatican Museum’s tour route and cannot be visited without entering a museum famed as much for its line (queue) as for its collection. On this tour you avoid long waits and get to see the most famous treasures inside the Vatican. See more tour details>>

Price: 185 Euro Plus Tickets Duration: 3h Activity level: Medium

Colosseum and Ancient Rome Tour – The Glory of Rome is yours!

colosseumAll roads lead to Rome and all roads in Rome lead to the Capitoline hill , the Forums or, once upon a time for the less fortunate, the Colossuem . On this tour you will really get an idea of what it was like to be in the eternal city 2000 years ago.

See more tour details>>

 Price: 220 Euro Plus Tickets Duration: 4h Activity level: Medium

Piazza and Fountains Tour – Wander through the beauty of Papal Rome

Fontan_di_TreviPopes liked to commission monumental piazzas or fountains that carried their name so Rome is full of beautiful piazzas each with a spectacular fountain. This tour takes in Piazza Navona , Piazza di Spagna , The Trevi fountain and all that is in between. See more tour details>>

Price: 185 Euro Duration: 3h Activity level: Light

Rome in day shore tour – It can be done from Civitavecchia!

shipEven from Civitavecchia port, Rome can be seen in a day. Don’t let the cruise companies scare you into only considering their shore trips! This tour covers all the big sites at a leisurely pace, YOUR pace not a big groups. We guarantee to have you back on board on time. See more tour details>>

Price: 600 Euro Plus tickets Duration: 10h incl. limo transfer Activity level: Medium

Scooter Tour – See the sites on two wheels

scooter_vespa_rome_ispySee Rome old-school style! Visit parts of the city that big double-decker buses don’t get to. With a Vespa scooter tour you get to see the real city centre and great views from its panoramic hills! Avoid the hassle of public transportation, enjoy the buzz and get orientated. See more tour details>>

Price: 185 EuroDuration: 3hActivity level: Medium
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  1. We recently hired Stephen Wheeler for three days in Rome and one day in Florence on a recent trip to Italy. I cannot say enough about what a great guide he was for our group of four. He helped us with wonderful restaurant recommendations while we were there, assisted in getting our train tickets to other cities, made all of the tours fascinating with his depth of knowledge, plus.....we just really liked the guy! I feel we had the most enjoyable experience possible in this beautiful country because of Stephen.
  2. This summer we hired Stephen on the recommendation of friends who had also hired Stephen for touring Rome. We were not disappointed! During our six day stay in Rome Stephen took us on three tours; the Piazzas and fountains; the Roman Forum, Colesseum and ruins; and the Catacombs. His presentation of information about the ancient Roman history and architecture was in an easy conversational style which made everyone, even our teenagers, feel comfortable and interested. We would highly recommend Stephen as a tour guide. We left Rome feeling that we had been educated about the history of Rome and that we had also made a new friend.
  3. We hired Stephen for our 3 day visit to Rome and what a great tour guide! He was so knowledgable and interesting about all of Rome's wonderful sites. Plus he was alot of fun to be around. Even our teenagers enjoyed all of Rome's history that he told us about. He truly made our first time trip to Rome very enjoyable and memorable. We feel like we made a friend also. Thanks again Stephen!!
  4. We hired Stephen for a full day today to help navigate the Vatican & the Sistine Chapel. It was a fantastic experience. He was so knowledgable about so many facets - a true renaissance man indeed. He truly made our entire day memorable and even joined us for a fantastic lunch near the Vatican where we continued to ask for further help with our remaining trip and itinerary. We will certainly engage his services on future Italy trips. Thanks again Stephen!!
  5. Recently on my first trip to Europe, I had the privilege to have Stephen as my tour guide. He led me on a remarkable journey through the street's of Rome, while enlightening me with his never ending knowledge on Rome's past, present and it's future. Stephen helped me see what makes Rome so beautiful, for without it's history it would not be the remarkable place it is today. He is very helpful and patient, and it was a highlight to end the day in a small recommended resturant for good food and final questions on the wonderful tour I was able to have., I will FOR SURE, be looking forward to more tours with Stephen, I certainly feel from using Stephen as my tour guide, that I left Rome feeling as if I had gained great knowledge that I was excited to share with my friends and family back home, thanks to Stephen. I would highly recommend Stephen as a tour guide, as you will not be disappointed. Good luck on your travels, and thanks again Stephen!! :)
  6. Recently on my trip to Rome, I had Stephen as my tour guide. Stephen was a lot of fun and kept the history of Rome lively and entertaining, Stephen talked about Rome's history as if he was there with so much detail and passion. Stephen made this tour one to remember and without him, I feel my trip to Rome would not have as enjoyable. I would highly recommend Stephen as a tour guide, it is without a doubt you will not be disappointed. Thanks again Stephen!
  7. I just returned from Rome with my sister and two friends. We hired Stephen Wheeler for 6 days to guide us in and around the city. At times we were joined by other friends who were visiting us while we were there. Stephen went beyond the call of duty to accommodate us all. He even carried our overnight bags plus bags and bags of purchases back from Orvieto to Rome on the train so that we would not have to carry them on a side trip to Florence. His knowledge of Rome and the area is unbelievable. He even brought along with him on several of the tours an archaeologist and also an art historian at his own expense. On top of all of this, we is absolutely adorable and so much fun to be around. You cannot go wrong with Stephen.
  8. I generally don't do tours, but felt a bit overwhelmed by my lack of knowledge of history in Rome. I splurged and book Stephen to guide my 20 something sons and I through the coliseum, Sistine and Orvieto and it helped us get the most from our trip. Our trip was last May, but I promised I'd write a review, just the queen of procrastination!
  9. My wife & I spent half a day with Stephen visiting the Coliseum and surrounding area. The advice and guidance Stephen provided meant our three day short city break was memorable for all the right reasons. Stephen helped us prioritise the sites we visited, shared some of his vast knowledge about the city & sites and also helped us become orientated with the area around our hotel, including pointing out good restaurants and cafes. Thank you for making my first visit to Rome such a Fantastic one.

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