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Michelin Star Restuarants in Rome

Food for foodies, the adventurous and special occasions

Michelin Star Cuisine in Rome

Rome boasts 9 restaurants carrying Michelin stars so it is a great destination for haute cuisine lovers and foodies in general. However, the only restaurant in the city with 3 stars is the “La Pergola”(www.romecavalieri.com) run by chef Heinz Beck, whilst Anthony Genovese commands 2 stars at his “Il Pagliaccio” (www.ristoranteilpagliaccio.com) on via dei Banchi Vecchi, right in the heart of Rome. There is a golden triangle of 1 star restaurants around the top of Via Veneto, a part of Rome that by no coincidence is home to many 5 star hotels. The newest arrival the the club is Giuda Ballerino near Cinecitta. You can find  a full list of Michelin Star Restaurants  by clicking  on Michelin Guide Restorants.

Gambero Rosso restaurants in Rome

There are many more temples of culinary creativity across the city that haven’t quite won themselves a star but are none the less world class. In fact a more complete parameter for establishing excellence among Italian restaurateurs is to look up the Gambero Rosso score. Gambero Rosso is an Italian food and wine publishing group. They played an important role in the birth of the Slow Food movement. A score of 75 and above is a good benchmark to finding foodie paradise.

We understand that Michelin stars and Gambero Rosso are the best reccomendation in anycase here is our IspyRome list.

Giuda Ballerino!

Cacio e pepe recipe  Chef: Andrea Fusco • Area: Tuscolano • Tel: +39 067 158 4807 • www.giudaballerino.com

Tip:Try pasta cacio e pepe. Watch our video how  it being made by Michelin star chef Andrea Fusco.

La Rosetta

Chef: Massimo Riccioli • Area: Centre  • Tel:+39 066 861 002www.larosetta.com

Tip: The Rosetta is one of select handful of restaurants that has first pick of the fish that are locally caught so you really will not find a better place for a sea bass or sea beam.

Gaetano Costa

Scampi and Chicken haùte cuisine Chef: Gaetano Costa • Area: Via Veneto  • Tel: 064 201 6822 • www.gaetanocostarestaurant.com


Tip: A fantastic high end place for lunch. Try Chef Gaetano’s Scampi and chicken. Watch our video how  it being made by Michelin star chef Gaetano Costa.

Il Convivio Troiani

Area: Centre  • Tel: +39 066 869 432

Tip:Go with the “Gran menu Degustazione”

Hostaria dell Orso

Area: Centre  • Tel: +390668301192 • www.hdo.it

 The food is fancy but is just half the show. There is great view of the River Tiber from the terrace and the interior is just like an old castle.  This is the place where Rabelais used to have dinner. 

Tip: Plan to eat and dance at this super chic place but don’t forget to book and bring your plastic.

The experience and costs

Food at this type of establishment is often involved. To really enjoy it you need to be completely relaxed, which should be the case whilst on vacation. Have a look at our recipes to get a better idea. An evening of creative Mediterranean cuisine will cost you 70-130 Euro per person plus wine. At lunchtime you can expect to pay less per person. As wine is an important category in the restaurant’s ranking, whether it be with Michelin or Gambero Rosso, all the restaurants listed have impressive cellars and not just in wines.

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