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Hip & Vintage clothes shops in Rome

"We like dancing and we look divine."

Where to Buy

The city centre offers a large variety of small shops with an interesting selection of clothes from young or less famous designers and some original vintage pieces. In particular, you can find such places near piazza Navona on via del Governo Vecchio, near Campo de’ Fiori or in charming rione Monti, an old central quarter that deserves a special visit just for its very “roman” fascination.

Shops usually keep 10:00 AM to 7:30 PM hours in the centre, whilst out of the walls expect them to be closed for lunch and a siesta between 1:00 Pm and 4:00 PM. After dark you can also shop in the trendy and lively Trastevere area, which has plenty of places for a cocktails break.

Naturally, don’t expect to find the same variety of hip and vintage clothes as in London or New York but you will enjoy their particularly “Italian” relaxed atmosphere, and, especially if you speak a bit of Italian, you can have a nice chat with the owner, have some fashion advice or even get a significant discount on your purchase.

Some recommendations

Pulp - Via del Boschetto, 140
Pifebo - Via dei Volsci 101/B
Moderni Primitivi - Via Luigi Santini

Tip - Haggle Cool

Often or not in Rome the owner will be in the store so do not be afraid to ask for a discount, especially if you are buying a few things if alone or collectively with friends. Should driving a hard bargain not be your thing then you can always ask your tour guide to do it for you. Also there is no reason why your piazza and fountains tour shouldn’t become a piazzas, fountains and shopping tour.


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