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Ice Cream and Cakes in Rome

“You’re the sweetest thing”

Just one cornetto, no thanks

Ice cream makers are considered craftsmen in Rome; they should sell hand-made, non-industrial products, but be careful! A good benchmark to who’s working exclusively with fresh ingredients and who’s working with “semi-lavorati” (part-processed) ingredients is how many flavours are in the display. A real artisan can make 30 flavours maximum in high season, when every fruit is available to him/her.

When choosing your gelato you can usually have 3 flavours, even in a small cone/tub. However, make sure you are given equal portions of each, as some have higher profit margins; a good gelataio knows this and will always ask you for all 3 flavours at the same time.

Have your cake and eat it

Pasticceria (cake shops) don’t get the attention they deserve from tourists and you are missing out! You can always buy yourself a tray of dolce (mini cakes sold by the kg) and take them back to your hotel room. Else some cake shops have bars and table service but seek out a focus on cake not coffee. Neapolitans and Sicilians enjoy cake fame in Italy so look for “Specializzato in dolce… Napolitano / Siciliano” in shop signage. Perhaps the most famous of Italian sweets is Tiramisu; have a look at our recipe films to see how it’s made.

Some recommendations

Curi Curi

Via Leonina, 18/20 (Monti)

Old Bridge Gelateria

Viale dei Bastioni di Michelangelo, 5 (Vatican)

Gelateria del Teatro

Via di San Simone, 70 (Campo de’fiori)


Via albalonga, 7 (San. Giovanni)

The experience and costs

An ice cream cone starts at 2 Euro; you pay more for bigger portions and/or crispy special cones. Ice cream or cakes by the kilo (2.2 Lbs) start with ½ Kg tubs/trays and cost 14-20 Euro a Kg, depending on the fame of the cake maker and the location of the shop. A sit-down cake will set you back 5-10 Euro, the key factor being location. In a big name piazza, you are paying more for where you are than what you are served.

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