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Home from Home Televised Sport

“We are here in Rome in a pub; what’s going on, John? I didn’t come to Italy to watch football.”
“Come on, Karen; we spent most of the morning looking at shoes, not monuments.”
“The shoes were Italian.”
“So is Carlo Ancellotti.”

If you really can’t miss a game, the place to catch it with an atmosphere is a pub. Rome has sizable foreign communities of Americans, Brits, German speakers, French, Spanish speakers and most other people, who each have their home from home. These are good places to pick up a few tips from adopted locals and, if you fall in love with the city, for getting advice on where to live and how to find a job.

Being animated in your appreciation of beauty is acceptable behaviour in Italy; being drunk in public is not. Attitudes might be changing a bit, but the authorities are clamping down hard on drunken behaviour. Long may it continue, as one of the pleasures of Rome is no one is going to knock your drink over and then ask you outside for a fight. Police are now regularly stationed in the liveliest piazzas and there are alcohol bans when away fans with a reputation for taking too much sun and beer on board are in town.

Some recommendations

Abbey Theatre

Crowd: US, Irish and Italian
Area: Via del Governo Vecchio 51 (centre)
Tel: +39066861341 • www.abbey-rome.com 
Tip: This the only pub in town to give American sports guaranteed air time. It has a multitude of rooms so many different games are simultaneously shown. Call them up to book a table too watch your favourite team and have some decent grub.


Crowd: Irish and Brit
Area: Via Leonina, 66 (Monti)
Tel: +39064747026 • www.finneganpub.com 
Tip: The most genuine pub in town with plenty of regulars. The landlord is Irish, a big Celtic fan and a lovely bloke until you moan about his prices.


Crowd: Italian and a mix
Area: Piazza V Luglio 15 (Centre)
Tel: +39066838989 • www.openbaladin.com
Tip: Trendy pub with own brewed beers, good food and a very swish interior. The place to go if you want to impress someone.

Druids Rock

Crowd: Irish and Brit
Area: Piazza Esquilino, 1 (Monti)
Tel: +39064741326 • www.druidspubrome.com
Tip: The best place to go after a 6 Nations rugby match as the size of the place gives you a fighting chance of getting served in under 10 minutes. The Rock has big screens too.

Ma Che Siete Venuti A Fa'

Crowd: Italian and a mix
Via di Benedetta 25 (Trastevere)
Tel: +390697275218 • www.football-pub.com
Tip: A beer connoisseurs pub. Let the bar staff give you some great advice on trying different premier and microbrewery beers from around the world.

The experience and costs

Cheap beer equals a young crowd. Still, on average, a pint or a bottle costs 5 Euro. Shots are 3-4 Euro and a bottle of wine is 15 Euro. Food is reasonably priced in pubs, when it is offered, and this also attracts Italians. If there is a big game on, at pubs with food, book to be sure of a table. In places not offering table service, get there early and stockpile drinks before it’s 3 deep at the bar.

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