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Cacio e pepe by Guida Ballerino!

Cacio e pepe recipe Pro chef Andrea Fusco shows you how to make cheese and truffle pasta. “Cacio e pepe” is a simple age old Roman recipe. It is made with pecorino sheep’s cheese and black pepper. Chef Fusco, who has a Michelin Star, vamps it up with luxury black truffles. Watch his pan action and learn!


Scampi and chicken by Gaetano Costa

Scampi and Chicken haùte cuisinePro chef Gaetano Costa makes a Scampi and Chicken haùte cuisine dish. A real favourite at his restaurant, Gaetano Costa shows you how surf and turf can be mixed to create an impressive main course. The secret is in the sauce that links the two flavours. Pick up expert technique in presentation!


Tiramisu by Guida Ballerino!

Tiramisu RecipePro chef Andrea Quranta shows you how to make an individual tiramisu with a difference. Tiramisu, which literally means “pick me up”, is an Italian favourite on the sweets menu. The key ingredients are savoy biscuits, coffee and mascarpone cheese. Easy to make but harder to give it dinner party style presentation.


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