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A day in Rome

Rome was seen in a day!

To really feel that you have got to know Rome you need at least 4 days. If you don’t have 4 days, and you are mad enough, you can do the city in 24 hrs. However each section below is a “day’s” itinerary in its own right. If anyone actually does this, and we want photographic evidence, you will have your photo in the photo gallery section of iSpyguidesRome.

Piazzas and Squares piazza_navona_ispy_rome

07:30 - Have a Jamaican blue expresso coffee and cornetto
07:45 - Piazza Colonna to see Marcus Aurelius victory column 
08:00 - Admire Piazza di Pietra
08:15 - Visit the Pantheon after Mass but before the masses
08:30 - Piazza Eustuchio, spot the stag
08:45 - Visit St. Luigi Francese church to see works by Caravaggio
09:15 - Visit Piazza Navona to watch people, artists and fountains
09:45 - Have an ice cream, a cake and a break in Campo di Fiori

Ancient Romecolosseum_rome_ispy

10:15 - Columns and cats in Largo Torre Argentina / Pompey’s Theatre
10:45 - Piazza Mattie and the fountain of the Tortoises
11:00 - Go Kosher in Via Portico d’Ottavano
11:30 - Take in the Theatre the Marcellus
11:45 - The Capitoline Hill – Michelangelo’s architectural masterpiece
12:30 - Via Fori Imperiale
13:30 - Tour the Colosseum
14:30 - Lunch at a trattoria

The Vatican


15:30 - Take a scooter ride or taxi to the Vatican Museums
16:00 - Go straight in at the Vatican Museums (last entrance at 16:00!)
17:00 - Get blown away by the map gallery
17:30 - Admire the Last Judgment in the Sistine Chapel
18:00 - Visit St. Peter’s Cathedral
19:00 - Visit St. Peter’s Square

On the town

glove_shopping_rome_ispy19:30 - Have a cocktail whilst watching the sunset on the Gianicolo
20:30 - Have a fashionable restaurant dinner
22:30 - Gift and clothes shopping around Trastevere
24:00 - Get all romantic at the Trevi Fountain
01:00 - Go dancing in the open-air club in Parco del Celio
05:00 - Watch the sunrise over ancient Rome and revel in the glory
06:15 - 1.5 hrs sleep on the Frecce Rossa train and do Florence!




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