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Scooter/bike hire in Rome

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Scooter hire

If you have been watching “Quadrafina” “Roman Holiday” and want to dare the streets of Rome then the city has plenty of rental companies. However, if you have limited experience on two wheels then it could easily end in tears. This is especially true for driving an old style Vespa with hand gears, tiny wheels and all the weight in the rear end. You are better off with the modern “twist and go” bikes or a Japanese model. Under all circumstances get a clear statement on what is covered on the insurance.

It is illegal to drive with two on a 50 cc, in fact the best scooter for Rome’s traffic is a 125cc. You need a standard car driving licence and to be over 21 to hire a 125. If you prefer leave the driving to a pro then hire a bike and driver. Else if you are young, blonde and sexy, or just sexy, find an Italian guy with three helmets to show you the sites and a lot more.

Bicycle and Segeway hire

There are few bicycle hire places scattered around town but despite being the setting for the “Bicycle thieves” the city is not designed for peddling; remember it has seven hills. However, hiring a bike to go through the Villa Borghese or along the Appian Way is a great idea; only do not expect a deluxe model. In fact before handing over the money ask to see the bike and check everything works. An alternative is to sign up for the city’s fledgling “Bike share” scheme, see www.bikesharing.roma.it for details. A segeway, especially on a hot day, is a fun and clean way to get around town.

Scooter and bicycle hire companies

Treno e scooter rent http://www.trenoescooter.com

Driver service

If you want to do the Vespa thing but have no or little experience driving one then why not ask your guide to do it for you. Now not all guides have a scooter or are prepared to do this but it is worth asking. If the guide uses helmet intercoms then this is a brilliant way have a personalised panoramic tour of Rome.

The experience and the cost

Like all rental the longer the rent the less the daily cost. As for bicycles and Segways the same is true on a daily basis. As a thumb rule allow 35 Euro a day for a scooter, 25 for a Segeway and 15 for a bicycle. Over a three day plus period take off 5 euro a day.


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